Good Morning World of Steemit! "Morning of the Sea"

in #photography4 years ago (edited)

       Directly from Hassan II Mosque, the second largest mosque in the world

                                                                          "The sea"

Between his successive waves are harmonious messages, memories and times, the mind is full, the soul is filled with the smell of life, the ear is tuned to the music of the calm wave, and the eye refreshes to see the waves and the beauty of the sea. In this article we chose you beautiful poetry that was said in the sea.

                                  ***    ****    ****   ****    ****  *****  ***** *****  ***** ******

                                                           The sea is beautiful at sunset

                                          What is so beautiful reminds me of the beloved

                                                  He is the friend who keeps your secrets

                                                       It helps you to gather your thoughts

                                                               Yet beware of its volatility

                                                     ****    ****  *****  ***** *****  **** **** ****

                                                                      The sea is My home

                                                                It is national and current

                                                                    I adore him madness

                                                                  His paper and his bush

                                                                   I tell him my children

                                                            I was overwhelmed by grief

                                                                    He always hears me

                                                               In secret he will keep me



hi friend!! how are you??? i think you are a great person in steemit site!!!!

Good morning @abderrahiim :) Have a happy sunday !

It's amazing!!! Nice post
هذا مسجد الحسن التاني بالدار البيضاء ، كم هو رائع.

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