The Winter's Sun

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If we could all just take a moment out of our lives look up at the sky and see the beauty of it all. To ignore the things that get us down in life for just a minute and relax in the radiating warmth of the Sun and the blue hues of the sky. Getting away from the city and the snow dirtied by road debris and tire tracks. To see the way the sun bounces in glistens off of freshly laid snow causes my mind to forget about the cold darkness of winter.

The trees and the growth have all hibernated for winter and it seems so dead, but if we look to the naked branches we can see the wildlife moving and hear the birds chirping. It gives me hope as I let the embracing warmth of the Sun wash across my face. A light that penetrates my mind and instills me with happiness.

It's only for a short time of the year that we can view the winter’s sun and bask and it's effervescent glow. Breaking away from that depressive slump that our limited sunlight instilled within us, seeing a light throughout a darkened mind. It may be just for a minute, but I shall remember that minute for the months to come.


One thing I wish didn't exist is light pollution. So many stars we never see because of city lights. I learned that from my telescope hobby. It gets frustrating trying to find a pitch black place, or having to use filters to see things.

I do think we take for granted often the beautiful nature all around us. I think a lot of people in big cities with all the concrete and steel buildings can get depressed being out of nature. When you are away from all that pollution and buildings the beauty is all around you.

That's great advice to make a point to appreciate beauty, we can get so lost in work or school and we forget how amazing all this is. Makes me want to travel around the World, I hope one day I'll be able to do that. I need to find my old pictures I took in a trip to Peru, it was amazing, right at the ocean.

(Edit: oh I see your a psychonaut, me too :) I might get into some of those stories one day. You should to, I think people would find those stories interesting )

I'm lucky to be on the outskirts of town where light pollution is minimal. I watched the moon yesterday morning and my heart melted.

I live in the country so we see the sky a lot. Both day and night and during each season. It's magical to look up and see the millions of stars floating around. Last night the moon was so bright, you didn't need a flashlight to see. Lovely piece ace.

Love that beautiful sky!
Keep it up👍

Nice photography bro

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