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There is no blub in your writings, dear @englishtchrivy. You always accompany the unique photo series of a photographer who has a good eye for detail. Her words are comprehensible, always positive, in seemingly simple language and often refreshingly cheeky. Your postings would be nothing without the smart words. Your texts always create a round product. A sensitive one. I did not want to do without the enrichment of your texts while looking at the photos, although I have read them far too rarely in the last weeks. I beg your pardon for.


thank you my dahlin @afrog!
those are very kind words!
am also guilty about not reading much these days
it's hard to do these days so sometimes, I wonder whether I should just keep it all short - my stories, I mean
cause I am also guilty of skimming long posts :D

Guilty? We had the really hard time over a year ago, when the STEEM was at 8 cents. But there was also a lot of fun that many bloggers never lost, and what often makes things seem difficult happens in our minds. If expectations are not met immediately, every assignment is perceived as an examination. This is not surprising for persevering bloggers, as there is also passion, self-conquest and a lot of time in every job. Even in some comments (xcuse me).

Bloggers are brave people. Even if expectations are not fulfilled at the moment, they still believe in success. You have already experienced how satisfying the STEEM can be. That's why we keep working and pulling others with us. There are many reasons why the Blockchain could fail. There are just as many reasons for their success.

The only posts that are too long are those that do not capture the reader and leave him unsatisfied. Nobody wants to waste time on "Ticky-Tacky". (Everyone knows "little boxes".) Our works can only transport inner values, not least personality, which seems to be your specialty. You are one of the authors who reliably and with beguiling ease create a very personal atmosphere between reader and author in every job. You are a professional, you do a lot of interesting, even brave things in life and let us share your thoughts. This is the best breeding ground for good postings.

Long live the Oranjes and all other colors too.
Steem on dear @englishtchrivy.

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