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Hello Steemians :)

Finally I'm back its been a long time when I did my last post. Two years that I never opened my account because of the pandemic. A pandemic that suffer my country to your country all over the world. Many of my co. steemians got lockdown to there provinces and live there without an internet. This pandemic makes me think that I need to do something useful. I decided to installed and internet and it only pay 5 pesos per hour. This is a little view of my past in 2 years that I never opened my steemit account. I will make an another blog and it will be post soon. It's all about my story for the long time that I stop creating content to this platform.



This is my sunset I took this photo in my home place and I use only my smartphone. This photo is in my gallery for almost 1 year. In the month of June last year 20th day at the time 6:21 pm. I notice the sunset that bothered me to take many shots.



The clouds helps my sunset looks so attractive. The light of the sun create a combination of yellow and red and surounded with black and looks like orange after all.


Hopefully we become friends here on this flatform. Theres so many changes when I tried to open my account in past days. I can't log in direct by using my password that they gave me. I'm worried about it then I tried to search how to recover my account or whats the little update. And last I'm finally fine because they gave me my posting key via gmail.

Hopefully You Like My Sunset :)