Lhokseumawe seafront view of 13 February 2021

in #photography2 months ago

Saturday, February 13, 2021 The view of the sea on the outskirts of Pertamina Lhokseumawe with the blue choppy sea water, the longing for a gentle breeze makes the atmosphere better when you see the oil-laden water boats that want to be transported out of Aceh's wealth region filled with petroleum


The outskirts of Pertamina, the city of Lhokseumawe, are very beautiful which are being rehabilitated to make future generations more beautiful than before.



The Pertamina Bridge in Lhokseumawe City is used specifically for pumping oil into oil vessels that will be transported out of the area.



I took the morning view with the official CS5 Android phone. Thank you for visiting this blog

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Beautiful sea view! It looks calm and relaxing. Great shot! ;)

Peaceful place by the beach, thanks for visiting

You're welcome! ;)

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