Mayweather - MyPictureDay with lightnings and sunsets

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Hello dear steemean, at first I like to wish you a nice weekend!

But now, we start: The photographically challenges of this week were "Thunderstorms over Munich" and "Sunset panoramic view" from above with my drone.

First Case - The Lightning Catch:
I've tried to make some special photos of the lightnings with the help of a glass sphere and my Sony Alpha 57 uses with a 70-300mm zoom objective, here are camara settings for the three best catches:

(ISO 100; f 8,0 by 100mm and an exposure time of 15 seconds)180530 Blitze_EMS_Glaskugel-SIG.jpg

180530 Blitze_EMS_SIG.jpg

180529 Blitz_Glaskugel2_SIG--2.jpg

The second challenge was the sunset in composition to the eastern view of Munich with the HVB Tower, a modern architecture of an financial company. This panoramic photos were made by my DJI Mavic drone at the evening between 8 and 9:30 pm:

(ISO 100; f 2,2, 4.73mm and 1/80 second of exposure)
180528 HVB Tower SU_Pano-.jpg

180528 HVB Tower SU-.jpg

180528 HVB Tower SU_--2.jpg
Do you have recognized the red lighted Allianz Arena?

I hope you enjoyed my pictures and you will enjoy your weekend days too! ;-)
Thanks for your time and perhaps you like to upvote and follow me?


Beautiful sunset pictures. I like them in the order first (1), Second (3) and third (2).

Thanks for your feedback :)

I hope to see many more wonderful photographs soon.

I am going to enjoy more if I also see you present in the pictures ;)

Amazing photos 😍 love the color👌

You are wellcome 🍀

Amazing photos 😍 love the color👌