A Beautiful Sunset and A Full Time Job!!

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This picture was taken a few weeks ago. We were driving on a bridge from a town called Sandpoint to our house, and we looked over and saw this beautiful sunset! I love sunsets, they are SO pretty!

I do have some news...I got a job! It's a caregiving job! I actually got the job on the same day I got interviewed! I am super excited, but I am also SO nervous! I am starting June 4th. They will be training me for a week so that I know all the basics. The first week my hours will be from 2pm to 10pm, but then it'll be from 10pm to 6am, which I am not so excited about...but I am going to try it out and see how it goes. I hope that it can be changed if I don't like that shift. But overall I am excited about it! Wish me luck haha!


The sunset is so beautiful that it almost seems like it was a paint! you got a good shot. What is your job about? Are you going to be a caregiver of children?

Thank you!

Caregiving for the elderly!

Aww taking care of them is very sweet, they're like children too and they really appreciate our company.

Exactly! I am super excited but also nervous haha!

Nice where is Sandpoint?

Absolutely STUNNING photograph.. just a little tip.. don't forget to you 5 tags instead of 3 for more visibility!


Yeeeah, haha, at that moment I was so blank that I couldn't come up with anything haha!!

Ahh yes. The blues of nature. Gorgeous.

Congrats on the new job! I hope it works out and you like it. Beautiful sunset!