Sandpoint Treats!

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My husband and I were in Sandpoint, ID today. Its a really pretty and touristy town. We both got a treat today! I got what is called "sipping chocolate" I think it's melted chocolate and milk, and it's was so good! Then my husband went into a coffee and ice cream place, and got himself coffee ice cream! It had espresso shots and coffee beans in it..yuck! Although, he said it was his favorite ice cream he's ever had!

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Oo looks fun 🤗 I've eaten ice cream there, it melted before I could eat it all though lol

It was! Lol, well he ate it very fast!

Wao amazing beautiful

I love chocolate

I'm so fond of ice cream at Dub's, I've never seen this place! I better look it up next time I'm "up north."

Dubs is pretty good! You should!