Tiny Flowers #Photography

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I do not know the name of this flower. This flower is a kind of wild plants that grow in the forest. The size is very small and rarely noticed. This type of flower has a beauty like any other type of flower. I took some pictures of this flower with a smartphone camera and added a macro lens for this little picture to look more detailed




Taken with Xiaomi Redmi Note 3+Macro lens

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Great colour

It's my first time to see this flower. Good photography!

I also just found this type of flower

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Hi friend... I am very impressed at your photography...how could you capture photo of such stint flower.. Excellent job... Keep it up... Resteemed...

I'm using a smartphone camera. It takes a little patience to get a more detailed picture

very beautiful flowers.

Thank you

Beautiful Flower...

Thank you....

I love the little details.

Thank you,,,,

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Wow, beautiful flowers.in best photography.

Thank you....

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thank you


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THANKS in Advance

The little-little ones are beautiful :)

Thank you.......

Nature has its beauty, you just found one of its best. These moments make us happy. These wild flowers are wonderful