Cutlets are best done in the oven or a couple - a guarantee of safety of your health.

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Cutlets. There is no special recipe, most likely everything is according to the standard. Eggs, onions, minced meat, salt / pepper, soaked breads. And a little milk! We make ourselves cutlets ourselves and put in the oven for 200 degrees to full readiness. By the way, it is better to make cutlets in the oven or for a couple - a guarantee of safety of your health.

Котлетки. Особого рецепта нет, скорее все по стандарту. Яйца, лук, фарш, соль/перец, вымоченный хлебушек. И немного молочка! Лепим сами котлетки и ставим в духовку на 200 градус до полной готовности. Кстати, котлеты лучше делать в духовке или на пару - гарантия сохранности вашего здоровья.


Great recipe...

I resteemed for cooking cutlets occasionally....

Wow tasty recipe! Really Andrianna you are the great, you have all qualities, thanks.

Amazing!!! So Welldone!!! Looks Delicious n So Yum Yum!!!


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