Sights From The World Part. 3 : Climbing The Mountain Of ChallengesteemCreated with Sketch.

I had a Goal, a Vision in my mind

Passo di Lavazè, Trentino, Northern Italy
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But there were many Obstacles on my way there

Bolzana, Italia
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They blended together into a great Mountain

Corno Bianco, Weishorn Mountain
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Intimidating, it was standing proudly in front of me

Makarska, Kroatia
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But my desire to achieve my Goal was very intense :

Nami, Southern Germany
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So I started my journey up the Mountain

Makarska, Kroatia
[GoPro Silver Hero 4]

On the path, I fell down so many times I lost count

Alpes, Italy
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IMG_20190426_033939 (1).jpg
Makarska, Kroatia
[GoPro Hero Silver 4]

The Mountain pushes us to our limit

San Romedino, Italy
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I learned the lesson of Persistence,
and it brought me half way up the Mountain

Alpes, Italy
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A bit further up I was coming close to my limit, and started doubting weather I would be able to reach the top of the Mountain

Alpes, Italy
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But after much struggle, I found Belief

Southern Germany
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And kept moving towards my Goal

Rastenbachklamm, Italy
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I climbed the last steps

San Romedino, Italy
[Sony Alpha 7mk2]

San Romedino Sanctuary, Italy
[Sony Alpha 7mk2]

and conquered the Top of the Mountain

San Romedino, Italy
[Sony Alpha 7mk2]

The Sight was awesome to behold

Mendel Pass, Italy
[Sony Alpha 7mk2]

Stay tuned for Part. 4 (''The Temple'')...

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''Continuance is power''
Meaning: Persistance is the key to success.




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Very beautiful images. One of the things that I like most since I started with photography, is to be able to share with other people places that I have visited and have impacted me. The same thing you have done in this post. Congratulations.

Thanks alot for your kind comment, I hope I am doing justice to the places that I have had the chance to visit !

Hi I found your posts great! Please follow me too, so we can be friends here in Steemit community and keep in touch with you!

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I'm glad you liked it !

Thanks for sharing such lovely and beautiful views.

Thank you ! I'm glad you enjoyed it !

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Thanks alot for your support !
Unfortunately I won't be able to enter the freedom challenge, but I'll stay tuned for your next challenges.

Total interessante Gegend, tolle Bilder. Besonders das mit dem Hund gefällt mir sehr! LG Harald

Danke dir !
Das ist der weiße Schäferhund von meinem Nachbar

Nice phothos!
Reestem ;)

Thanks alot for the support my friend !

Great content and beautiful images... Thanks for sharing a wonderful post. Anxious to see the Part 4...

Thank you so much, I'm very happy you liked it !

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great places I will dream visit italy to see that

I hope you get the opportunity ! It was really nice over there

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