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This is the story of my journey through the Forest of Darkness, one of the steps I encountered on the road to freedom.
[Honor 9]
Southern Germany

Link to part 1 of this story :

When I was standing at the edge of the cliff, unsure and undecided,
I knew that it was time for me to confront my fears in the Forest of Darkness
[Honor 9]
Southern Germany

I had spent a very long time trying to avoid it
[Honor 9]
Southern Germany

But wherever I tryed to run from it, the Darkness would just follow me arround like a ghost
[Honor 9]
Southern Germany

So I decided to confront it and entered the Forest
[Honor 9]
Southern Germany

Inside of it, my deepest Fears emerged to the Surface
[Sony Alpha 7 mk2]

Standing right in front of me, they seemed Horrifying and Insurmountable

[Honor 9]
Southern Germany

But in the very center of the Darkness, I unexpectedly had a Realisation that changed my entire Perspective
[Sony Alpha 7 mk2]
Southern Germany

I found Faith, giving rise to Courage
[Sony Alpha 7 mk2]
Southern Germany

I was now able to see the Light at the end of the Tunnel,
I ran towards it with the last of my Strengh

[Honor 9]
Southern Germany

I emerged out of the Darkness, victorious

[Honor 9]
Southern Germany

and thankful for the gifts I had gotten from it
[Honor 9]
Southern Germany

Stay tuned for Part. 3 (''The Mountain'')...

''After the rain, Earth hardens.''
Meaning: Adversity builds character.




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Very well done :-) What software did you use to edit these photos?

Thanks alot !
I mostly use snapseed and adobe lightroom. Occasionally I also use the in-built editing programm on my Honor 9 phone.
I'm very glad you liked it !

Very nice pictures. very athmosperic!

Thanks alot ! I am happy you liked it

Thank you for sharing this article it was very deep and move me :)

Thank you very much for the kind comment @shack-the-pack, I am happy you liked it !

Awesome feed. You have a great artistic voice and vision!

Thanks alot my friend ! I really apreciate it...

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Interesting theme !

Good, I love the quote.
Are they quote or poetry

Thank you !
The quote at the end is an old Japanese saying

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