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Sometimes we forget, that nothing that we have built rivals in beauty with what is left of the Garden.

976 - reworked.jpeg
[My Old Nikon]
The most southern point in Australia, the Tidal River is flowing uphill at ''purple time'' in the evening

Filled with Wonders of every kind...

Trees Magical Leaves 10outof10.jpeg
[GoPro Silver Hero 4]
Cambodia, Queen Hill

Just when we least expect it, we are allowed to be a part of it's innocence.

Apes Reworked 8out10.jpeg
[My Old Nikon]
Angkor Wat, Cambodia

And in the center of the Garden, we find the Tree Of Life

326 reworked 2 (1).jpeg
[My Old Nikon]
Angkor Wat, Cambodia

326 reworked 3.jpeg
[My Old Nikon]
Angkor Wat, Cambodia

More to come soon...


Literally: Even monkeys fall from trees
Meaning: No creature is perfect.




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Starke Bilder. Bist ja gut unterwegs! Upvote und resteem.

Freut mich enorm ! Tausend Dank für deine Unterstützung, ist mir viel Wert !!

Excelentes fotos amigo felicitaciones, me gusto mucho la de los monos y el árbol de la vida.

Muchas gracias amigo ! El Lugar donde tomo las Fotos de los monos y del arbol es el lugar a donde han filmado el primer Tomb Raider. A mi tambien me gustaba mucho esto sitio.

Thank you very much !

Beautiful pictures!

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Thank you, much apreciated !

Those are some quality photos! Have you been on a journey around the world?

I have only been to about 15 countries so far, but I definitly plan on visiting as many as I can !
Thanks alot for your feedback and your support it means alot !
Your blog is also interesting, alot of good ideas in these initiatives.

Done with pleasure :-) Good content will always have my support. It's great to hear that. Keep interacting

Such Beautiful photography... I really like your style.

Thank you very much I really apreciate it !

Amazing post !

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