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I was advancing on a path that was not my own,
Until one day I found myself at the Edge of a Cliff
LRM_EXPORT_15212592978927_20190328_053843585 (1).jpeg
[My Old Nikon]
West Coast Australia

The world was pressuring me to jump in and
Become a wheel within the giant machine
[My Old Nikon]
Sydney, Australia

Seeking council I turned arround and Faced my fears in the deep of the Forest
[Honor 9]
Southern Germany

At it's deepest point, I traversed the River of Memories
[Honor 9]
Southern Germany

With new found courage, I started climbing up the Mountain
[Sony Alpha 7mk2]
Rastenbachklamm, Italy

On the other side, I drank from the Lake of Wisdom
[GoPro Silver Hero 4]
Near Imotski, Croatia

Finally, I was able to find the Temple
[GoPro Silver Hero 4]
Queen Hill, Cambodia

I proceeded to enter
Inside, I made my decision

[GoPro Silver Hero 4]
Imotski, Crotia

I will live as a Free Man

[GoPro Silver Hero 4]
Makarska, Croatia

Thank you for your attention

[My Old Nikon]
Great Ocean Road, Near The 12 Apostles, Below Melbourne, Australia

More to come soon...

''If you do not enter the tiger's cave, you will not catch its cub.''
Meaning: Nothing ventured, nothing gained.




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Great shots. Love your photos.

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Thanks alot man, I apreciate the feedback !
I really liked your biking videos, I might post my own too someday soon :)

Thank you, look forward to seeing some :-) why not join the tour next year Extreme Ride4Hunger 2020 :-)

check out:

Follow on instagram:

Looks like a great idea ! I'd be glad to join you guys, let's see if I can make it !
I've always wanted to visit South Africa...

Would be great, you can complete the form on the website or simply subscribe to get the News and updates as we get closer to the date :-)

Great way to see the country, hopefully you can join - even bring along some friends to join you :-)

Have a great Sunday.

Wonderful pictures! I falled in love with this place 😍

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Uauuu . Very good photos... Go Pro also a good machine and with a drone.... imagine the photos :) Congrats

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Thank you very much for the nice comment @marfonso !
Yes, I really like the GoPro aswell...
I actually just bought a drone for the GoPro a few weeks ago, I will post some high altitude pictures soon :)

Good brotha, be a free man.

Thanks my man, I wish you the same !

Beautiful and amazing images..!

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Thank you very much !

Those are amazing pictures! Nice to see such great talent :-)

Thanks alot my friend, very much apreciated !

Great photos... Thanks for the mention her 👍

Thanks alot for stopping by ! I also apreciate your blog :)

Made me relaxed and refreshed with awesome captions.
Really great photos. ✌️🤘

Thank you very much, I'm glad you enjoyed it !

really great work
Seriously, your pictures reveal your way of looking to the natural beauty is totally different and amazing.
Thanks for sharing such a beautiful, peaceful and satisfying images.

Thank you very much @shonali, I really apreciate your feedback !

I'll be a freeman too, nice shots!

Welcome to the club :)

I am new to #SteemIt and trying to learn about making good posts and quality content.

Do you know any good reference points to learn how to make beautiful posts like I see on some. Such as paragraph dividers.

Any help is appreciated @anotherfreeman

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The main thing is that Steem does not accept spaces (in between pictures for examples), so to separate pictures or make space between two statements I use symbols from the Alt + combinations.
You can find these by typing on google : Alt + combinations.
Also I would advise you to look at the trending posts in the categories that you will post in to find some inspiration on how other people handle it.
Also one trick that I found is that if you put a star at the beginning and at the end of a phrase, it is written sideways (like the locations from the pictures above).
There are probably other tricks like that but I could not find any posts on the subject either unfortunately.
I hope this helps and wish you good luck with Steemit !

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