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in #photography4 years ago

These ones aren't really "amazing" shots so I felt like I should upload a couple to give the post more umm. "value".
Usually I only post one image, lately I've been posting two.. But this time it's going be to more.






This one is actually pretty cool.. Pretty sure I got it on Thanksgiving day.. The clouds were just amazing.. But it didn't sell very well.. Perhaps cause Cathedral Rock was too small in the image, I'm not sure. Maybe the colors were a little off as well.


Hope you enjoyed some or all of them. :)


They sure look amazing to me, my favorites are the last 2 but they are all great :)

Wow bro those are amazing! I can't even choose which is the best! All are great!


That second picture looks an awesome spot to hang out for a while, such a view. Correct me if I'm wrong but the 3rd and 4th picture look familiar like they were taken at the place in one of your youtube videos where you were waking all around. I think it was in one of the Apolymask episodes.

The second picture spot is an amazing spot to hangout! Seriously one of my favorite spots, it's such a cool area right there! And yeah, the view there is pretty awesome.
And you're half right.. It wasn't the Apolymask series, but.. On my first "Talking With Paul" episode where I walk around talking sort of stream of thought stuff I go through the area with both of those pictures.. So if you remember it from that video, good memory!

I like the second to last photo. The colors in that photo are really nice. The contrast of the blue with the redish-orangy mountain looks awesome.

Great captures!!!!! excellent.As you said I like photo you have taken on thanks giving day.I like the color mix in it
can you check my photography too and let me know my progress.Im still a learner


Thanks. And sure I'll check out your photography.

I love everything about nature it always fascinated me . Skies are always so magical

Can you tell me where are you selling these pictures? I have also a great collection of good photographs and wondering how can I make a living from them?

For now I've just sold locally around where I live in town. Though there are some stock sites on the internet I've been looking to get into. I suggest typing something like "sell stock images" into google, and also if you think you can sell them locally around where you live I suggest that as well.

I have searched on google but could not find any appropriated results. I want to know direct from the photographers which one is the best. If you have any friends doing it, please let me know about it?

this is just outstanding photography...
cool nature...


outstanding photography @apolymask . Thanks for sharing.

Awesome photography thank you for sharing

Thank you. This photo shared this photo is very nice. This is an awesome photo, and you're really a good photographer.

thanks for the new blog. that is great and nice photography.i like it

Beautiful, priceless snapshots. Truly a masterpiece

Amazing photos , you are a good photographer , thanks for sharing these pics and have a good day

wow they look so beautiful.very nice..I like those little white flowers and the photos of the dusk..nice captures :)

@apolymask - Sir those are wonderful scenery... Nice you decided to share them... Arizona is a wonderful place to live...


They were nice and most of all the last image of flower seems pretty nice ;)

Beautiful captures taken by you, thanks for posting and have a nice day .

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