Up North

in #photography2 years ago


Hi everyone I've been super busy lately. With all my free ton I have been going to the camp up north you've all heard so much about. I still creep on every so often. Also I still get all my discord notifications. So if you tag me I'll see it.


I hope everyone is doing great! I'll be around when I can. I have some new things to share including some silver, something that goes bang and lots of outdoor photos.



That is really amazing wiew my friend, I love sunsets and sunrises and snow can make the best pictures 😊
Good to se you and I wish you a wonderful weekend and much love to you 🤗💕🌹

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Thanks sass! 😎😁 hope you're week is going well. Stay awesome.

Always 🤗💕
My week is going well and it's really Been spring feeling here with sun and flowers coming up 😊
Cheers 🌹

So let me get this straight.... You spend time away from your phone/computer/laptop and do real world things, like living?? You're crazy!!

Looks beautiful buddy. Enjoy it.

Hahaha thank you welshy. Sometimes I do just love to be away from all of it.

Love that space you have. I live in a densily populated country but further have no complaints :)

Thank you, it truely is an place.

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