Visit to a wild life century (are all talk of old days)

in #photography3 years ago

Hello STEEMAINS today I am going to share my visit to a wild life sanctuary near my city. I was very much disappointed to go there.


This sanctuary is situated near about 20 kilometer from my home and I am a biking lover so I took my bicycle and decided to be there. It took near about 30 minutes for me to reach there. I went there with a thought in my mind that as it's a wild life sanctuary so I would get a chance to click picture of wild animals but I was disappointed coz I didn't saw even a single animal as there were very few of them except this dog and a bird.



Now even this wild life sanctuaries are just of name.

We humans are discriminating other animal to such a limit by destroying their habitat and constructing concrete jungles that they are becoming endangered.

This is a very big issue to think upon and take a immediate action to preserve them.