Beautiful Flowers Photography by me | Album 2

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Hello Friends Good morning have a nice day .

Today i Visit Flowers Nursery and capture some flowers and want to share with my Steemit Followers and friends . These Flowers Pics i capture in islamabad Pakistan

. Everyone know Islamabad is the third Beautiful capital city in world . Hope so everyone like my post thanks you all Recently my Post about photography a lot of friends like my post thats why today i will share a new post with all of you .

my Blog not for 1 topic daily i will share about Bitcoin , photography and contest and mush more .

Here is the first Picture of my Photography album .

My Album Photo 1


My Album Photo 2


My Album Photo 3


My Album Photo 4


My Album Photo 5


My Album Photo 6


I think everyone like flowers if you have any flowers pic then must share in this post comment . a lot of people know about what is photography i am new in this way so please give me suggestion feel free thanks a lot everyone for supporting me . love you all


Thank you ! @askquestion


All the photos which you are captured are looking beautiful. I like 1,2 & 3rd most. Keep capturing and sharing.

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Beautyful flower and this beautyful photography , i love flower , i like flower , great flower combination , keep it up .

Your post is always different i follow your blog everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @askquestion

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beautiful and beautiful flowers, this is the first time I saw this flower because in Aceh in particular I have never seen such beautiful flowers.

both friends, do not forget to always follow my development so I can be like you.

Very beautiful flowers.thanks for sharing me

Here is a flower for you. Hope you like it. When you take pictures of flowers then look where the light comes from. Keep sunlight in you back. Good luck. 20180305_165900.jpg

Outstanding. to paint these!

Thank you @askquestion for these beautiful photos! I love flowers photos! Take a look to my plants, full of flowers now!
WhatsApp Image 2018-04-29 at 20.03.22.jpeg
I think you will love an entry I posted last week of a trip to Marrakesh, where visited Majorelle Gardens, the best nature scenario that I've even seen! Here it is:

Very nice flowers! I hope there's a close shot of at least one but overall, this is such a beauty.

pictures of beautiful flower garden, I love to visit the flower garden,@askquestion

the flower is so nice....

They're looking so beautiful.... Great shots

nice flowers.. please vote me

Awesome and beautiful flowers.

The flowers are really beautiful we gift flowers to our loved one's with this beautiful garden we can always says that flowers are always with you keep smiling and blossoming

wow😊🙂😍...what a lovely and colorful flowers😍...nice post...

Its amazing photography

I can nearly smell them.. no insects?

So many flowers . Why not ?


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Congratulations for those flower photographs. I would like to live in a garden like this.

Gorgeous flower picture. Nice job.

very beautiful

This flower is very nice and gorgeous