Lucky Bamboo

in #photography3 years ago

Lucky Bamboo is a plant that is well-known for bringing good luck and is one of the essential elements of Feng Shui. Lucky Bamboo is very easy to grow and adds to enhance the décor of your home.

The botanical name of Lucky Bamboo is Dracena sanderiana. The Lucky Bamboo is named after a renowned German–English gardener Henry Frederick Conrad Sander.
The Lucky Bamboo plant is also known as Curly Bamboo, Chinese Water Bamboo, Friendship Bamboo, Goddess of Mercy Plant and Ribbon plant.


Well to be truly Feng Shui Compliant, I would like to know what corner of the house to put the lucky bamboo. And what corner of the room, in the corner of the house, to put the bamboo. And on what kind of table. And in what kind of pot. Yeah Feng Shui!

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