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Hello to all my steemit friends hope you all are doing great and enjoying your life.

yesterday the light was out in my area Didn't got time at office to charge it so yesterday and all today my phone was sleeping like me 😋

Yesterday I weather a very bad here some of our office college had made a plan to take a small tour on this weekend about 70km away from my home town but due to rain last night I thought the plan might be canceled or shifted for next that will be on Sunday as I thought but that was not like that.

One of my friend or the college reach my home today morning and I was sleep at that time when I woke up and see the weather is quite good then yesterday that was great I havw no idea that all the others have made there mind to go as per the plan we planned 🙄🙇

So finally we all take a ride to our destination and enjoyed a lot there and visit a beautiful temple. sorry the camera is not allowed inside so didn't got any photographs.

But I will search atleast one photograph in internat and share with you.


Image Source

thanks for being here.


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