Passing By To Say Hi.... Eh... Hi! :D

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Yoohoo! It's been a while! Just passing by to see how things are going here? I'm glad to see the place still going on! This year has been weird and exciting at the same time. Weird cause apparently the planet want to get rid of us. Interesting cause the cryptocurrency world is being shaped in front of our eyes, with all the DeFi, yield faming, all the hacks, 75 exchanges closed... let's not forget the war between bear and bull markets that have us all running 24/7!

20200513_134814-01.jpeg Here, a non related pic like always

On top of that elections in USA are like watching a very crappy comedy show! Did any of you saw the debates so far? Jeez, I felt ashamed by those elderly dudes (Trump and Biden) acting like spoiled brats! Nothing new, right? Every election is the same... ha! Anyways, is good to see steemit is alive and doing good. Wish y'all the best. Still waiting for Justin to transform this place into something new and different. Maybe if that happens, I'll fully come back with my nonsense... who knows... my posting strike is strong... not much posting in 8th months, not here and not in the other side, ha!

Is anyone doing Inktober challenge here? I've been sharing my drawings in twitter and some in hive last 3 days I've been mixing inktober's prompts with cryptocurrency and so far is been interesting. Let me tell ya something, mixing crypto with inktober's prompts is not easy, those themes can be tricky as hell!

inktober day 15 outpost.png BTC is watching the perimeter

The prompt in this one is "outpost" and before someone comes and say " inktober can't have color", they're my drawings and I color them if I want! Plus even the creator of inktober add some color to his entries. Anyways, enough blah blah. Take care y'all!





I imagined fungi there!

how the things are going on here? not very well, actually, the bog is becoming smelly and rotten... well, not becoming, but already became.. 0.2 upvoted posts again, how'd you like it? very gloomy wasteland. all active creative minded folks moved on.

Duuuuude, you're everywhere! hahaha
Fungi does look good as a footer!
Its been a while since I came here, wanted to see how things go... goooo... goooooooooooo... ooooo... ok me go now ahahah

"goo". exactly. you have a talent of finding extremely appropriate words.... hehe

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