Tangled Life...

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The photo above is the graphic description of my head... and life... a tangle here and there... What is life without chaos?! No really, how does it feels to have a normal life? Boring? Well, I can't complain about getting bored, life is very creative with me. Basically I've been trained in a hundred ways to not give a dammed about anything and a thousand ways to make fun of the worst situations.

Is like, life kick me once and I kick her twice... "Alive and kicking" yeah, that's me! Kicking and kicking and oh boy, what a kick! I'm a professional kicker! I even polished my kicking boots!

"But Luz, you're all messed up"... Am I? Didn't you knew? Being tangled is totally awesome! People think I'm crazy, some run away from me and all I do I making fun of them... See? Awesome!

There you go a very tangled random post cause is Monday.

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It's never helpful to compare lives but damn, I kinda know what you mean. How bout a pair of steel toed boots? Lol.

Mine are shiny and pointy! hehehe

Howdy blacklux! wow, you sieze life by the horns and kick it's butt if it gives you trouble!
That's being an overcomer!

That's how things need to be done! Put your cowboy hat and kick life! Kick it!!

that is so true blacklux or else life will run you over!