Goals for 2020 and Beyond!

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I Wish to see the world around me!!!


Get Out And Shoot, for 2020!

I need to really make more of an effort to get out and shoot! For 2014, I made a list. No way to sugar coat it… I sucked at getting to the list. 2015, and well... I was a WEEeeee bit better. Only just. I made a list and that just didn't work for me. I need to be better about making time (as opposed to just making a list). So, 2016 was ok. 2017, I was a bit better, 2018? I fell in love, all over again. and 2019? I made a bit more progress with my camera.

2019 I made a few more shots... added WAY more to the list than images I made.
But the one biggest thing I discovered, was, I need to Make Time To Shoot! I definitely need to make time to shoot.

Still on the list: more long-exposure waterfalls, more wildlife to shoot, Cape Cod Lighthouses, more species, and more wish-list places to shoot. Come to think of it, what's not on the list?

the List:

More Birding
✔ Screech Owl
Great Horned
Burrowing Owl
✔ Barred Owl
Barn Owl
✔ Snowy Owl
Great Grey Owl
Short-earred Owl
Long-earred Owl
hell... almost any owl

Raptors, any raptors
Bald Eagle
Sharp Shinned Hawk
✔ Coopers Hawk
Red Shouldered
✔ Red Tailed Hawk
✔ Mute Swan
More... more... more Raptors.

Some Notes for 2020 Shoots

My list for my goals for 2020 shoots.
Some realistic, some "aim for the moon"


Around MA
White Marble Falls, Clarksburg, MA.
✔ Wayside Inn Grist Mill, Sudbury MA
Pawtucket Falls, Lowell, MA
Shelburne Falls
Campbell Falls, New Marlborough MA
Glendale Falls, Middlefield MA

Around New England
Steps Falls, Newry Maine

Bridal Veil Falls, Franconia NH (on days when it ISN'T pouring rain!)
The Flume, NH
Falls On the Falling Waters Trails, Lincoln and Franconia NH (on days when it ISN'T pouring rain!)
✔ (but it was pouring) Glen Ellis Falls, Jackson NH (on days when it ISN'T pouring rain!)
✔ Jackson Falls, Jackson NH
Tucker Brook Falls, Milford NH

Day Pond Falls, CT

Moss Glenn Falls, Granville VT
Moss Glenn Falls, Stowe VT

Scenic and Landscapes

Monomoy, seals, birds...
✔ Plum Island, Parker River National Wildlife Refuge
✔ Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge
Cranberry Bogs of Cape Cod, at Harvest
Newburyport in Summer
New Bedford

Around New England
Covered Bridge, Newry Maine
✔ Tannery Hill Covered Bridge, Gilford NH


✔ Scituate Light, MA
✔ Derby Wharf Light, Salem, MA
✔ Fort Pickering Light, Salem, MA

Gloucester Light, MA

Nubble Light, Maine
Portland Head Light, Cape Elizabeth Maine
Pemmaquid Point Light, Maine
Owl's Head Light, Owl's Head, Maine
Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse, Acadia, Tremont ME
Marshall Point Light, Point Clyde, ME
Doubling Point Light Station, Arrowsic, ME

Cape Cod Lighthouses

Nauset Light, summer sunset
Chatham Light, summer sunset
Lewis Bay Light, aka Hyannis Harbor Light
Monomoy Light
✔ Nobska Point Light
Sandy Neck Light
✔ Stage Harbor Light
Wings Neck Light, Buzzards Bay
✔ Race Point Light
Seagull Beach Lighthouse, Yarmouth
Ned's Point Light

Cape Race, Lighthouse, Newfoundland


Whales, Humpback, Right, Fin Back
Sharks at Truro, Chatham
Seals at Truro or Chatham
Snowy Owl, more and more of this!
Duxbury, Plum Island, anywhere.

Big Game North America

Bear - Black, Brown, Grizzly, Polar
White Tail Deer
Mule Deer
Big Horn Sheep

Thor's Well in Cape Perpetua

Yosemite in Winter
Yosemite in Summer
Hume Lake in Winter

The Grand Canyon
The Slot Canyons

Penguins, Seals, Whales, Ice, Panoramas

Galapagos Islands
birds, turtles, mammals

Glaciers, Whales, Ice

Beaches and US Cemetery at Normandy

Australian Outback
Sunsets, Rock, Deserts, Panoramas

I know, I know, I have a lot on my list... some of it is easy, and some not so...
Along the way, I want to meet up with any and all of you. I want to spend some time, learning about your worlds... take me to the places you love most, and show your world's to me. I'd love to meet, and shoot your love's as well!

Always, I strive to give back

To the animals and birds around me

to put more plants in than I take out

And be a good steward for the world around me!

All Photos by Bluefin Studios.



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