Sunset in Little Paradise

in #photography3 years ago

Hello Steemians,

Here is Photo of the Day
A sunset in Little Paradise

As I love to see sunsets
And love to share with you

Sunset in Little Paradise

Sunset in Little Paradise

Here is the other side of the photo
Sunset reflecting om the beach
A pretty isolated area
and have some privacy!

Certified Photographer


Short Poem

I dream of dream inside of me
I float in the air like waves in breeze
wet on the rain pouring above me
beside the sea side lay

Come to me, the ocean say
come to me, the sky say
And I said I will come, the wind blows me
so here I am sailing on the way

now it was started to dark around
the blue sky turned to brown
the moon shine hide the clouds
I almost can't see the ocean lark

Here me you call me
I am here and answer your pray
what is it you ask me by
for I am willing to hear you lie

then I was awaken by my mother voice
she said to me why do you loose
for I began to walk away
heading in to the balcony!

then I was awaken again
and I remember I was in a dream
A dream where I am dreaming
yet now I feel the same




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