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RE: SAFARI in Dubai? Yes, why now? Have you been? You have to go!

in #photography4 years ago

Looks like we did the same safari :-)

Unfortunately we were in the car with an older couple, so our dune drive was not as adrenaline-packed as it could have been... the lady kept yelling out to slow down :-(

We still had a great time though.


Hi, @braaiboy. So funny you actually ran into this post haha I know it's not the same with older people in the same car. I can recommend you going to Tunisia, where they do this a bit differently. They don't let the discrepancy in age to ruin the drive.

What else did you visit in Dubai? I am here for another 3 days + I gotta see Abu Dhabi.

We weren't really there as tourists... went through mainly for the Guns 'n Roses concert.
So we only spent 2 days doing "touristy" stuff - Did a city tour, the dune safari and our mates took us to "see the landmarks"... and the rest of the time we were just partying :-)

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