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My name is Bartosz, and I'm a poor storyteller, therefore I'm just going to share you some of my photos. I made them, back when I didn't even know how to post-process :). I hope you enjoy.

Sony a330 first.

Lens casing reflected, looks like a watermark :)

River Green.

Lover's Stone.

I'm thinking about buying new camera, but I'm afraid I don't have this thing to become anything more than an amateur :). Please share your thoughts.

Bonus pebbles !



welcome to steemit community. Hope you like it. Explore steemit platform to learn more.

Love the pictures. Hope to see more!

Thank you! I'm going to post more soon :).

@brs55 my cat is also everytime grumpy :P
welcome to steemit!
have questionns just ask!
peace harimbadl

@brs55 nice pictures. Looking forward new updates.

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