Beautiful butterflies

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Butterflies and moths (rama-rama) are insects belonging to the order Lepidoptera, or 'winged insects' scales (lepis, scales and pterons, wings).

Simply put, butterflies are distinguished from moths aka night butterflies based on their active time and physical characteristics. Butterflies are generally active during the day (diurnal), while moths are mostly active at night (nocturnal). The butterfly rests or rests with its wings up, the moth rests with its wings spread.


Many believe that butterflies have a very short life span. In fact, adult butterflies can live for a week or nearly a year depending on the species.


Butterflies can lay eggs once or many times each year. The number of descendants a year differs in climatic influences, whereby butterflies living in the tropics are able to spawn more once a year.


Butterflies become one of the few types of insects that are not harmful to humans.

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