Long-legged Fly

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Sometimes beauty comes in odd shaped packages. Like this fly.

This is no ordinary, get on your food and yuck kind of fly, it is a predator.

It keeps your lawn and garden free from smaller, more bothersome insects like mosquitoes.

Mimicking a hawk, these long-legged flies sit on a perch and scan for their prey. When they find it, they zoom down and snatch it out of the air- much like a dragonfly does.

Cool huh?

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yes it is cool, I like your nature pictures and posts.

I see you are here on steemit a few months now, just had a look around your account. I know when people start here they get a few welcome messages, but after that, if you have not joined a community you can easily get lost in the sea of posts. How are you getting on here on steemit anyway?

I’m doing a little bit of outreach this week with those that have been here a few months and have had some time to get a feel for the place. Would love to know your thoughts so far? Is there anything I can help you with or questions I can answer for you?

One tip I am spreading this week is to check your mentions. being part of steemit includes engagement and if someone happens to mention you in a post, you should really check it out. You can find your mentions on https://steemworld.org/@call-me-howie, if you look through the tabs, you will find all your mentions.

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Greetings paulag.

Although it appears I am new here, I've been involved indirectly in Steemit through my consort @dreemit for a few years. Also, I have been involved in one form or another in crypto since the begining. It's all old hat to me so to speak.

So for me, I'm just plugging away sharing a bit, and at the same time fishing for others that are willing to share.

Really, I'm just having a good time sharing some pics and playing with blog layout.

Thanks for the shout-out, and thanks for the tip on mentions. Keep up the great work!

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so you are an old timer then, awesome. how did you get into it? I'm new to crypto, only got involved when I joined steemit last year. I would say I know nothing about crypto but plenty about steemit :-)

Im wondering how many accounts that I am contacting with this outreach are old timers under an alt, you are the first to say so on this particular round.

I stumbled on BTC back in the CPU mining days. I could see then that is was more than just an alternative form of money, it was a new form of governance. Peer to peer, man to man. No middle man needed. No central authority needed. Open ledgers vesus closed ledgers. Mind blowing really.

But, platforms like Steemit are more exciting to me still.

What better thing could have been conceived than a reward system based on ones attention, creativity and the willingness to share?

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From what I have learned so far about blockchain and crypto, its more than mindblowing, it rocks. I come from an accounting and finance background myself and I think the uptake of this technology is so fecking slow

There is a lot of competition coming for steemit, a few are aiming at the attention economy

Competition is always good. Steemit has users and a working platform. It's going to take a lot to topple it. But, if something comes out with a slicker interface and greater rewards, Steemit will have to reinvent itself...or perish.

Most will go where the wind blows...just lead or follow.

The name of the game in any newly emerging tech is to be flexible. Don't get caught in the rut of thinking that you've invested so much that you must stay. Go if it makes sense, stay if it makes sense.

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Sometimes businesses fail because they are too early to the market. Sometimes I wonder will this be the case for steemit. But I do think there is a lot of flexibility with steemit and it will continue to evolve. exciting times ahead

I know I'm rooting for Steemit. But, any way the new economy of creativity, attention and sharing comes to fruition I will support.

Beats the hell out of artificial scarcity and voluntary servitude any day.

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