Naso Brevirostris: Spotted Unicorn Fish

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Naso is a genus of fish in the family, Acanthuridae. Their name comes from the hornlike extension of the snout, the long horn (noses vary in length depending on their age) that protrudes from their forehead only start growing when they reach the length of 13cm. There are 20 species in this genus and 17 species are herbivorous (algae eaters). You can find these cuties in small groups (schools) in reefs and lagoons of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, from East Africa to Hawaii and even in Japan, in depths of 2-50m and water temperatures ranging between 24-26 degrees Celsius.

They are related to tangs and surgeon-fish which feeds on algae and zooplankton (crab larvae and other small invertebrates) and are mostly active during daytime.

The spotted unicorn fish are blue-gray to olive-brown in colour and can reach a length of 60cm, the colour change with its moods mostly when feeling threatened or during mating. The tail fins are blue to white, they have small mouths with blue lips, and 2 plates (sharp scalpels) that looks like hooks on its tail which is used for defence. Some species are venomous and can cause painful wounds.

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