A UV-Blacklight Shoot with Lyric


A UV-Blacklight Shoot with Lyric

This next installment from my ultraviolet/blacklight phototography series came a little last minute with organising when Davao, Philippines based hair & makeup artist Sarah messaged me on IG. She was coming to Sydney for a few days and wanted to collaborated on a shoot while she was here having missed the chance during my travels to Philippines shooting underwater.

She was all in for playing with UV but also had the problem of a number of carryon makeup equipment being confiscated during her connecting flight (In Dubai I think) due to some fresh airline laws in place. I hate when airlines do this but luckily I have a fair bit of resources/tools on hand so just her skills required.

I found our model the day prior through usual FB modelling/photography groups which can be a godsend when you need to fill creative team fast.

Working out a concept Sarah decided she wanted to paint the models back and we will use fabrics and such to create a few looks. For the back drop I started with a black plastic sheet then swapped it for an older sheet that's been accumulating paint from past shoots to form an interesting glowing background.

The final look she painted her all orange I think sort of going for the lava goddess look of Te Kā in the animated movie Moana. Lyric is Polynesian so maybe that had some influence to this last look and like in all shoots some looks/styles work and some don't but either way its all fun and learning.








I photographed this project using my trusty but old Canon 5DmIII and swapping between 100mm Macro 2.8L IS and 70-200mm 2.8L IS with Yellow correction filter.

My lighting is in the form of a modified 600w 450nm Blue LED flood lights which have been used in previous shoots. I've been building a new 365nm rig but just wasn't ready for use at the time.

Team Credits

Model: Lyric IG: http://www.instagram.com/lyric_tt

Photography: Chris David IG: http://www.instagram.com/chrisdavidphoto

HMUA/Bodypainter: Sarah Mañosca Suyom IG: http://www.instagram.com/sarahsuyommakeup

These personal creative shoots are always self funded projects I do for the sake of creating some new art and challenging myself technically and creatively to improve as a photographer/artist. This doesn't come easy with all the burdens that come with trying to make an income in the creative industries so always appreciate the help, support and feedback from others. Always appreciate recommendations to potential commercial clients or sponsors to continue working in this industry and keep these creative projects alive. Cheers Chris


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A bit late, but wow! Amazing, I bet that 600w light really helped..

Best of luck with your new 365nm rig, curious about it as I need to build myself a more powerful black light.

I've had 2 tests on it so far and will write a build post once I get a chance. The chips are 100w but for power supply I've gone through 2 different ones of Ebay that don't perform at the rated 100w. The first one at 50w and second at 65w. Paying $1/watt for LED chips it is a little wasted not being able to run at full strength but for now will do.


thanks for the response, are you driving them with 12v DC? If so try a computer power supply, they can produce hundreds of watts of power.

The chips are spec as 365nm UV 100W 32-34V 3500mA 45mil. For me anything between 85-95w would be in the acceptable range as don't want to risk burning them either. Just a pain trying to research and which brands actually output close to what they are sold as.


cool, thanks for the info. Ah thats a different voltage than a computer power supply. Sounds like you need something special.


This was amazing, how i wish to try this, its like a fairy on the forest😍😍

One of my planned concepts to shoot in either Batangas or Cebu is the underwater UV bodypainted models against glowing corals in the ocean. Its been postponed at least 3 years now but perhaps next trip if funds allow.

Ooooh ! I have never actually seen anything like that before ... those colours are unreal ! Vivid, vibrant & mesmerizing. I particularly like the last one because it has a majestic element to it.

Thanks @visionaryart. I always like experimenting with techniques and concepts and mixed media. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. I've seen some paintings in the past using both regular and florescent paints and various texture mediums to create art that shifts/transforms under regular and uv light which also opened up a whole lot of ideas

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wooov, awesome,, I don't have words for that. cool

just wow!

Sensational work @chrisdavidphoto (U & R )

You are just too good, mate, but you already know that 😉

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