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It's amazing to go to beautiful places and enjoy nature there. That's what I did yesterday and I want to share that beautiful place with you.

Yesterday I went to "Cerro El Morro", a mountain located in my city (Lecheria, Venezuela) where you can go to make some exercise or just to enjoy the view. I chose the second one.

From the top, I had the privilege to watch all the city from there. 

Enjoy with me the view!

Important to say: All the photos were taken by me using my ZTE ZMax 2. 

As you can see, the beach is very close at my city. It's a tropical city, there's a lot of hot all the year (Venezuela is a country with tropical climate, here the winter doesn't exist)

Hope you enjoy them!


lovely vieew. Enoy your beautiful city

Thank you!!

All photos nicely taken by you.Keep it up.

Thank you for appreciate them!! Hope you liked!

very beautiful photos of your city ...and you :) thank you for sharing and I hope to see you again on this steemit journey

isn't she beautiful @banjo?

Y-Yes. Yes she is.

What do you like taking pictures of?

any thing that captures a moment :) let's chat later in the @msp-waves discord because people are going to think i am crazy talking to a bot :)

Do you like to talk about the sun?

You told me you were a girl.