Adopted Dogs

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I am certain this is not just a problem here but all over the world and that is the unfortunate situation of stray dogs. It seems to me people really don't think about the responsibility they are taking on when getting a dog, and simply buy it because its so cute. Well, one day it will grow up and the cuteness phase will be over and it seems the dog becomes a daily chore as well as an additional expense which they did not really think about. Yes, dogs cost money, patience and require lots of love and attention, and unless you are willing to offer all the above, please don't get a dog or any other animal for that matter. Just like a child, a dog is your responsibility. This little dog was running around on the street, homeless and lost until he found our friends' house where he decided to make himself at home. Today he is well fed and loved, and leads a life every animal deserves.

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photo taken by @claudiaz
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Adopted dogs are the best.

I agree, and there are lots of those here, I have 3 dogs and 2 cats who adopted us!

This is unfortunately very big problem :/ kids wanting them and parents buying them and after 1 year is this dog back in animal shelter. In our country some animal shelter won't allowed to adopt dogs in Christmas time...

that is probably a very good idea @tinabrezpike

yeah because kids wanting them and of course parents buy them and after few months it's not interesting anymore and they are back in shelter... I'm glad that they decided to do this. They are not toys the are living beings

So glad for him, unlike the other unfortunate stray dogs and cats around the world...

So great of you to adopt and love him.
Whatever they do to animals will surely come back to them my friend!

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