Photo Fun Contest - Week 21 – “Old & Abandoned” Photography

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This week we will have a look at something different altogether. Stuff we notice but don’t necessarily find pleasing to the eyes so we walk past and ignore it. However, these items sometimes present themselves as a very good subject for a great photo.

I am talking about “Old and Abandoned” items. It could be a building, a car, a ship in the harbour or any other arbitrary item lying around,….. you decide! The possibilities are endless.

I will leave it to your imagination,
and as always let's have good quality and creative photos.

Here are some examples of “Old and Abandoned” related Photos:


photos by @claudiaz

Are you ready for this challenge?

So now invite your friends, spread the word and let's get creative!

Please remember the photo must be your own, otherwise, you will be disqualified

How to participate:

The photo must be your own
Use #abandonedphotocontest as a tag
Please stick to the subject matter
Multiple entries per person are allowed
Attach a copy of the post in the comments of this post
In your post title please mention the theme of the week
Please upvote this post in order to partake in the competition.

The Prizes

There is 5 Steem/SBD in prize money to be won
The overall winner will get 1 Steem/SBD
The balance will be distributed among the finalists
Prizes will be distributed after the 7 day period.

The Rules of the Contest

And please don’t forget to upvote and resteem (optional) this post.

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thank you for the entry

Me encanta, magnifica foto, te felicito mi Reina!

Una Poclain!
Hermosa excavadora de guayas, en su época espectacular maquina para excavar y realizar desazolves.
Vi tus dos fotos, me encantaron, como hombre del campo disfruto de ello, también las ruinas en un campo transmiten un mensaje de lo que algún día fue.

Thank you for your comments!

No sé si cumplo los requisitos para participar, pero por si acaso, aquí mando mi contribución
SEÑUELA-24 NOVIEMBRE 2012 843.jpg

Amigo, para mi es una estupenda foto.
Bloques de barro crudo (bahareque), dintel de madera (creo)
esa vetusta puerta semi sostenida
y la ruina interior!
¡Qué mas se puede pedir!
Un abrazo.

Es un ejemplo de la arquitectura clásica de los pueblos castellanos, en realidad, heredada de las tradiciones arquitectónicas árabes, ya que durante muchos siglos estuvieron bajo su dominio. Me alegro mucho que te guste. Un fuerte abrazo

This is an awesome category @claudiaz! I could have done a few more entries, but I'll limit it to two. Here's my other one:

thanks for the entries @rwedegis

You're welcome!

I saw LOTS of OLD stuff traveling through Germany. I picked this one as I love its architecture, and...we both have the same name! :) Here is St.-Nikolai-Kirche, built in 1195!

2018-05-24 20.55.12 copy.jpg

Nice one photos and idea! :)

@adam-aj hopefully you can take part in this one

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nice one thanks, so different

thank you for the contest!


you are most welcome, always nice to have new people taking part

Hi! @claudiaz This is my entry from Margarita Island Venezuela

Thank you for the opportunity :)


you are most welcome, and thank you for the entry

Great theme, my dear Claudia! I'm thinking about a photo! Cheers to you, resteemed!

looking forward to seeing it soon! :)

Yup! Maybe tomorrow, sweetie! Big hug!

wonderful, looking forwrd to it

Tomorrow! It's decided! Thanks sweetie!

thanks my friend for yet another entry.

yuhu friend, stay make awesome photo contest.
thanks was stopping by dear friend :))

Awesome theme for rustic-vivid and thought provoking photos! I got one on hard drive from Maui for such special ocasion, will post tomorrow :)

looking forward to it.

thanks for the entry, lovely photo

Thanks to you. First time I participate in one of your contests.

yes I know, thank you for the lovely photo

Famous ship wreck at the coast of Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. Stays there for already many years.
Shot handheld while passing by small boat to nearby island

Enjoy the scenery :)


Be sure to click on the image to view full screen!

thank you @axeman, great photo as always

Hi @claudiaz i saw this contest through my friends post @trudeehunter so i thought i wound join in as i love looking for abandoned things ...will be a pleasure to enter your contest !!

thank you so much @bigsambuca, I am glad you found the contest, its always nice to have new members joining in the fun

you are most welcome, and thank you for the lovely photo!

Thank you always entertaining having different contests to challenge it keeps us out and about :)

Thanks for the visibility of this contest and the entries.

Lots of good ones.

Luckily I think I have a photo that might qualify. Not quite up to the competition this far (so good), but will be fun to enter.

@nananini please feel free to enter we would love to have you join us in the contest.

We just crossed in cyber space. Couldn't wait. Posted just moments ago. :)

Thanks so much for invite!

great would you mind attaching a link here too! I will go and find your post now!