SAFARI in Dubai? Yes, why now? Have you been? You have to go!

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Desert rides on the outskirts of one of the most beautiful cities in the middle-east.

Dear Steemers

We took an off-road ride on the dunes and I personally remembered how great I felt being 17 years old in Tunisia during my first off-road jeep ride in 2008. Throwback 100%. We were in this 4x4 jeep with a great Dutch family with Moroccan origins who were taking videos all the time. I also took the video which you can see on DTube here.

Being in the desert may sound scary, but it is actually one of the most peaceful places you can go to. We went to have a great time and we did. We had food and drinks all evening in this camp, we could smoke shisha, get tattoos, ride camels and take photos anywhere. It was super great to also get some souvenirs there and in the end we were able to enjoy a local barbecue dinner combined with Egyptian belly dancers and a fire show in the end.

I really recommend coming to Dubai and experiencing all these things. Hope you will follow me for more Dubai related posts. We've been to the Marina, the JBR Walk, the Spice Souq and a few other places. I'll write about all that very soon.

P.S. Cocktails in Dubai are awesome! I'll do a special post just about that :D 

Stay tuned.


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Looks like we did the same safari :-)

Unfortunately we were in the car with an older couple, so our dune drive was not as adrenaline-packed as it could have been... the lady kept yelling out to slow down :-(

We still had a great time though.

Hi, @braaiboy. So funny you actually ran into this post haha I know it's not the same with older people in the same car. I can recommend you going to Tunisia, where they do this a bit differently. They don't let the discrepancy in age to ruin the drive.

What else did you visit in Dubai? I am here for another 3 days + I gotta see Abu Dhabi.

We weren't really there as tourists... went through mainly for the Guns 'n Roses concert.
So we only spent 2 days doing "touristy" stuff - Did a city tour, the dune safari and our mates took us to "see the landmarks"... and the rest of the time we were just partying :-)

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