Butterflies: Mylothris rueppellii (Twin Dotted Border) And Belenois Aurota (Pioneer White/African Caper White)

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A few months ago I was chasing a beautiful moth on top of the Magalies mountains, this month I was fortunate enough to capture the beauty of a butterfly at the botanical gardens.

I have been watching these butterflies 'fluttering like confetti' for months and not once was I able to capture a decent photo. This week I happened to stumble upon two and as you can see on the photos the one was quite cooperative.

Mylothris rueppellii:


This delicate beauty can be found in bush and forest areas in most parts of Africa. The Mylothris rueppellii is part of the Pieridae family. The Female has a wingspan of about 54mm and for males 48mm. They are on slow floating flight throughout the year but peak in the spring and summer months.

This butterfly has yellow wings with black spots on the outer margin of the wing growing smaller in size, there is also an orange patch on the beginning of the forewing. This female lies over a hundred yellow eggs in clusters.


Belenois aurota:

This butterfly was quite the challenge as it rarely settles especially in our heat, the wings are always closed and it only opens occasionally for a split second when settled.


There are 30 Belenois species and they are very common. This butterfly can be found in South Asia and Africa, mostly in deserts and woodland areas throughout the year. The butterfly is white with a dusty black pattern on its wings.

It has a lifespan of just over a month. Both male and females have a wingspan of 40-45mm. The female butterfly lay her eggs in batches of 20. The larvae mostly feed on the shepherd's tree (Boscia albitrunca).

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True beauties! I know what you mean about capturing a photo of these fleeting moments of rest.

Where I live, the Joe-Pye weeds, Eutrochium purpureum are in bloom. The mountains come to life with Monarchs, Danaus plexippus.

We are a nice feeding station as they make their late summer/autumn migration from Canada and Eastern North America to Florida and Mexico.

Thank you gggreenhouse. I can only imagine the beauty of the different species you must have there. It is nearly the end of winter here by us in South Africa, will hopefuly be able to capture more during spring and summer. Enjoy a lovely week!

Thank you, I will!

Amazing capture of the butterflies, especially the mylothris rueppellii. What a beautiful and graceful looking butterfly. It seemed so elegant on the flower. Thank-you for sharing your pictures and the information on the butterflies. Please have a wonderful Sunday! :D

Thank you very much cabbagepatch, it is always a pleasure to share what I love most. Hope you are in good health, always smiling and loving. Enjoy a fabulous week!!!

I like the first shot of the butterfly. It's a good catch.

Thank you very much ace108, always lovely to receive a comment from you. Hope you and your wife will enjoy a wonderful week!!

You are welcome. You and your family have a great week too😎

Belenois aurota That really is an interesting name! I like the photo's Please never stop! Much thanks.

so lovely xxx

Nice photo

Thank you very much blow.

They are even more spectacular in real life.

Beautiful post. But i am sad right now bcoz of very short lifespan.

I share your feelings on this talkcrypto, but that is nature for you.

It must take a lot of patience to get shots like that, so hats off to you. I remember many years ago going on a game reserve hike, in our group were four Canadian doctors. They spent the entire four days photographing butterflies. They had a great time.

Thank you for your comment petruska13. I have been watching them for a while and studied how they move, I applied it to the main photo but the last butterfly is a tricky one and you need a proper camera to take decent shots. I love playing around in the botanical gardens in my country, it is rejuvenating and relaxing. Enjoy a great week!

Thanks for your comments. My grandfather used to collect butterflies, I always thought they looked better flying around the flowers.

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Beautiful flowers and blooms for the beauty of this nature, with there flowers are decorated by this vast Nature, beautiful views of the yard with the planting Flowers in pots

Thank you for these lovely words edy02. Hope you will enjoy a lovely week.

WoW awesome shots @crazymumzysa sir, it's really difficult task to catch a butterfly in this position but you did it, i appreciate your work and dedication thanks for sharing

Thank you very much for your kind words adnanrabbani. I always try my best and share what I love. It is rewarding when my followers enjoy it too.

Love these butterfly pictures! They look so pretty! Nice job :)

Tus post, son muy buenos, me encantan tus fotografías.

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Great post thanks for sharing

Thank you very much essar76!

Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing!

Always a pleasure when others also appreciate what I share. Thank you kp138.

wow.. faboulus.. that is very good picture.
What camera you used to get picturel ike that.

It is my humble mobile, a Samsang Galaxy S7. Thank you, albertjester.

Lovely photos! Here's some I took a few months ago with my camera: a 4 year old Samsung Galaxy Grand with 8MP camera LOL. But still, they look great for an 8MP camera from an ancient phone 😁 ...really Samsung does have great cameras on its mobile phones! :)

But now I have an iphone 6 and the photos are quite better. I recently visited Ladakh and took all my photos during my travel with it. Awesome place! I have made a series about my travel... Do check it out :)


Beautiful butterflies! And I really enjoyed the post on the button spider from a little while back. Following for more pics and great information!