Costa Rica!

in #photography3 years ago

Here is a photo from my recent trip to Costa Rica taken with my Pixel II!

20181115 Costa Rica.jpg

It was for a friend's bachelor party so I won't go into too much detail (bachelor party etiquette...) but I really enjoyed the beautiful country. I love all the central american countries that I have visited: Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Puerto Rico. They all tend to be reasonably priced, beautiful and give me a bit of time to practice my Spanish. We had a layover in Panama which may need to be my next visit!

Ever visited Costa Rica? Central America?

What do you think?


I have never visited any of the countries buti wish i do. I love attending such nights; bathelor's eve infact i attended one recently that i happen to be among the husband to be friend

(Thats me number 2 count from left) in cultural dressing

Very cool - thanks for sharing the pic!