Fireworks down the river in black & white!

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There are fireworks every Wednesday shot off near Navy Pier in Chicago (during the summer). Sometimes I will forget and be walking home only to catch a quick glimpse!

This is a photo that I took this week. The original is in color but there is something that I just love about seeing all the reflections in black & white.
20180803 River - Black and White.jpg


Thanks for sharing this incredible photo

Thanks for sharing this beautiful photograph. The reflections are really cool.


Awesome pic of the fireworks!

Cool perspective . I was down in Chicago briefly and could not find a good spot to photograph the fireworks.

I know what you mean - it can be tough to move around during the short period that they are visible. Was a bit lucky to catch this on my way home.

Yep so many aspects in the city. We were out near the observatory to watch them but they were too far out to see to frame any shots.

Looks different.

Different from what?

Hi, the bwphotocontest tag should be used for the bwphotocontest, thanks!

It is now removed... thanks for the heads-up!