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My flight home from L.A. last month had a surprise. There was a special ceremony for a WWII soldier's body being brought home to his family after 77 years!

Here is a panoramic from the window inside the plane:
20180810 Soldier Procession.jpg

A man in my row was a current United pilot and former service member so I asked him what was happening. He said that many of the soliders who died in the Pearl Harbor attacks were entombed in the ships below the surface. Finally, when there was sufficient technology to retrieve the soldier's bodies, they were too badly decomposed to recognize. All of the bodies were subsequently sent to Washington D.C. for safekeeping. Now that we have DNA technology, they are able to check against living family members so that each soldier can be sent back to his familiy.

I think I found a specific story about my flight and the soldier who was onboard here.

Here are two pictures from the onboard escort heading off the plane:
20180810 Soldier Procession 3.jpg

20180810 Soldier Procession 4.jpg

This is another panoramic from inside the terminal
20180810 Soldier Procession 2.jpg

Something interesting to learn about and experience - thanks for stopping by!


Wow. That's crazy that it took 77 years! Thanks for sharing.

I know, right? I had no idea that something like this existed...

I know, right? I had
No idea that something
Like this existed...

                 - cryptobols

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Nice - my first reply from @haikubot !

Thanks for sharing your cool story. That must have been quite an experience.

Yes, most definitely!

Wonderful to have this someday!

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