Entry to Photo Filter Effect Contest - Week 4 - #createthatlook

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Hello everyone!

Things are getting worse all around the world so I hope you are all safe as well as your beloved ones!

This is my entry for the Photo Filter Effect Contest Week 4 runned by @bliss11.

This is a weekly contest and you can check every detail about it on its original post, here.

If you want to enter all you need to do is choose a photo and use any filters and effects you want, post the original image and the final result and a summary of what inspired you and why you choose the filters and effects you used.

Original Photo 📷

My original image was this one:

This is a typical portuguese pavement and as soon as I saw this contest I knew it was going to provide some nice edited images. 🇵🇹 💚

Playing Around

Final Choice

I choose the final picture for the contest because it looks like a mandala and also has the original coulours of the portuguese pavement!

I hope to see your entries for this contest around here!

Love, stay safe, stay home! 💚

Picture was taken with my Huawei P30 Lite. Images were edited in GIMP.


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