My 1st entry to Photo Filter Effect Contest - Week 3 - #createthatlook

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Hello fellow Steemians!

This is my entry for the Photo Filter Effect Contest Week 3 runned by @bliss11.

This is a weekly contest obviously and you can check every detail about it on its original post, here.

If you want to enter all you need to do is choose a photo and use any filters and effects you want, post the original image and the final result and a summary of what inspired you and why you choose the filters and effects you used.

Original Photo

My original image was this one:

I love these trees with red leaves and all the effects and colours you can use on it. That was the way I thought I would go when I picked this photo for the contest.

But, when I started playing with the photo and colours, I got this beautiful blue sky and the red leafed tree looked like a cherry blossom tree, which I absolutely love.

Playing Around

After reaching the colours I liked I started playing with many distortion filters and also got some other sweet results

this one kind of reminds me baby sheep or pink gummy bears😅


Final Choice

In the end I chosed the first image on this post for the entry because it reminds me of a dandellion, a flower that makes me remember of my childhood and makes me feel very nostalgic!💚

I hope you all enjoyed this post and thank you for stopping by! I look forward to hear what you think about my photos!

I hope to see your entries for this contest around here!


Picture was taken with my Huawei P30 Lite. Images edited in GIMP.


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Beautiful flowers and a nice use of effects. Thank you for entering the contest.😃

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Thank you so much for the contest, my pleasure to enter! 💚

Wow, I’ve almost missed your entry @cuko as you didn’t add the link to the contest’s weekly post in comments section, fortunately I made a search based on our tag 😁
Anyways, those are beautiful results on playing with effects, really wonderful pics.
Wishes the best for the contest, thanks so much for taking your time and participate.
Take much care, hugs over there 🤗🤗

Hey @drakernoise!
Thank you so much for the positive feedback!
In fact I have published this post as being a part of last week contest, but now its changed and I've already add the link in the contest post.