Celebrating My Birthday on the Cruise Vessel Celebrity Equinox

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Hello Steemit Friends today is my birthday!




Location : Miami day 6 April ...


This port is very busy for us...we have embarkation of crew... provision...as an example I worked 14.5 h today.



So…as far as I know I am on this planet for about 3 decades and a little bit….
On 6th April 1988 I was born in an interesting part of Romania called Dobrogea.
On our map it looks like a fancy boot and I am exactly on its Achilles heel.


As the years pass I miss being a kid having no worry and just play all day.
The world is a scary place sometimes and as for me I feel all the time out of place so a walk back into the past just for a little while would be a delight.

OK so now I am 31 year old…What I want to do?

Well for this very year I plan to publish some books…yeah some books …not one but more.
I am really confident that I can get the work done until the year is over and publish them.

And basically that is it for now…being on the sea and working lets me with very little time to do something else.

I have a great team that works hard:

Here are some of them that I see them as my friends and family:

Mathew , a third officer from America, a very carrying and passionate person that works hard and very well in a team.


Maria, First Officer from Greece, a strong character and a very hard working lady. She had to overcome many things coming to the sea as the sea is still dominated by men, but she pushed on and became one of the top officers on board.


Kiriakos Chief Navigation a strong character and in the same time a patient mind as patience comes with experience. I first met him on my previous contract on Millennium.

chiriako kus and andreea.jpg

In this photo you can see 2nd officer Donchev from Bulgaria, a hard worker and a team player and next to him is Adreea from Romania on her very first contract as a Deck Cadet (we call them apprentice officers) and of course AB Santos who is in the company for over 30 years now. I always say :

His age is my experience!

Donchev Andreea and Santos.jpg

And of course Chief Officer Georgantas with whom I work now, A person passionate about his work and in his free time he is a cyclist and a windsurfer.


My team made a very nice surprise for me ...they called me to the bridge and there it was waiting for me a fantastic cheesecake, one of may favorite cakes!



It was a very nice surprise and it made me feel like at home.

Until next time, thanks for reading my small article I am Cynetyc and I will see you next time!



That look like a great trip

Yep it is a very good vessel and we sail in amazing places!

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Happy birthday my friend

Thank you very much @cryptotrader much apreciated!

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That's quite the celebration you have there. Happy birthday?

Happy birthday dear ! Have a great day!
unnamed (1).gif

Thank you very much @tangera!

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I wish you a happy birthday and more blissful years ahead

Thank you @obest much appreciated!

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Happy birthday dear i wish you achieve all the happiness and goals in your life make it the best year of your life : )

Thank you very much @blazing, even If I was far away from my home that day was a special day.

Wow Great job. excellent photography sir.really look and happy birthday.

Thank you @goldcoin much appreciated!

I feel very happy about your birthday. I wish you all the life is happy..your photography is awesome.thank you so much...💜Happy brithday to you💜

Thanks @manhusen, much appreciated!

Congratulations ! I would like to wish you all the best, health and success in everything

That cake looks awesome, thank you @magnata!

Happy Birthday sir @cynetyc. Have a great trip, Thanks for sharing your birthday moment with us.

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Thank you very much @msena!

Another amazing post ! Your blog is really interesting.

Thank you very much @anotherfreeman !

That's amazing 😍.. it appeals though I could also could celebrate mine in such way..

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Yep a simple but yet a very good day when cake arrives😊

I wish you a happy birthday and wish you a long life

Beautiful photography sir,
Thanks for sharing this post.
Upvote and resteemit done sir 👌

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You are welcome sir

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Birthdays are a new start, a fresh beginning and a time to pursue new endeavors with new goals. Move forward with confidence and courage. You are a very special person. May today and all of your days be amazing!”

Thank you very much for your kind words!

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I was waiting for your story but i don't know why i didn't see the article on time but anyway i'm glad to hear about you again )) and ''HaPpy BirThdaaaay ''so wish you all the best :D it's awesome gift to Celebrating your Birthday on the Cruise Vessel <3 . i hope to be first one see your article next time hahaha

now i understood why i don't see articles :O i did't follow you and i though i'm one of your fans Lol

Happy Birthday,

I wish you a happy birthday

Thank you very much @thesaki!

beautiful. happy birthday

Happy birthday.. GODBLESS.. what a great ship... wow..

Happy Birthday to You. I want you to be happy all your life. I liked your post. Thank you very much..your photography is very Nice..💜


Currents and times can not be stuck

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Today is April 10 in the east of the hemisphere. I would like to send you a happy birthday greeting to you. Wish you success at work, happy and happy. All good things will come to you.

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Thank you @boomerang for a very good service!

Make like a ship and cruise!! Looks like so much fun :D

Enjoy your trip :D

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Sweet!! Happy birthday!!!

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The vessel pictures were awesome. Looks like you had a wonderful celebrations with your friends.

Thanks for sharing this awesome trip! I look forward to planning my own cruise trip.

Best wishes in previous birthdays! 👌🏼👌🏼

What a nice way to celebrate your birthday

Damn, that's wild! Celebrating a birthday on a cruise ship huh, how envious! Anyway, happy birthday!

happy birthday for you, and your day is fun

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