Küreş - Tatar Fighing Contest Held In My Hometown

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Hello Friends!

So today I will present a very special event for you all called Küreş


As you may know I am home in my small town and enjoying my vacation.


It happened that I was going to the beach to take a swim and I stumble upon the annual Tatar Fighting contest:

Note this is a short video with the contest taken with my old Samsung j5 phone.

For this year the contest was held on the beach.


They set up few tents, Romanian flag and the ring and there you go all done .


After a fight few guys were preparing the ring for the next pair of fighters.





It was little bit cloudy but nobody cared because they were too busy to see their favorite team member fighting.




Before each fight the arbitrary was explaining the rules to them and they had a blue and red ribbon placed on their leg .


Actually there were quite few people gathered there from all places from Romania like :2 Mai, Mangalia, Constanța, etc


On this this traditional fighting contest girls participated too.


The girls fought really well and I can say the gave more then 100% on this contest.





Fun fact : Kureş (or tatar fight) is an ancient tatar sport originating in Central Asia where fighters faught to show who is the most strongest fighter.
The Tatars from Dobrogea, Romania ( my place) are the descendants of the tatars from the "Golden Horde", a place held by a decendent of Ginghis Han.

Source of information : Wikipedia.


And that was it for today, I am Cynetyc and I thank you for reading this article!


I wrote a poem book a while ago :

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My book is available as an eBook and paperback also.

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So good beach to drink something cold and enjoy with those fights, summer in romania looks very warm and full of things to do, so good read you again you always share good content full of culture or personal ideas like mining burst hehehe i gained some USD with your tutorials in that time. Regards

I very glad to read this from you, thank you @dim753!

great contribution and fantastic pictures :) thanks for sharing

Hi @cynetyc,they are boys of approximately 12 or 14 years, this is a little complicated, the boy in white raised his opponent very easy, and also compete girls, the famous weaker sex, is no longer so weak.

Yes they allow both genders to compete as long as they are healthy and of course if their family agrees.
It started as a celebration but now it is a contest held every year with prizes.

wow very handsome sir. nice beach sports. so great photography.

I think a great idea to hold competitions on the beach, very few costs and everyone is happy. Thank you it was interesting to see the young wrestlers.

Thank you @magnata it was a fun day!

Wow wonderful beach event. its nice enjoy and great photography.
thanks @cynetyc
Have a nice day

Much appreciated @goldcoin!

Tatar is really traditional and very enjoyable. I enjoy the young boys fight especially the black pants wearing boy is very storng and fight well. Thanks for sharing the traditional fighting contest.

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Munch appreciated @msena thanks for reading my article!

That looks like everyone had a cool time there so interesting :D

Thanks @blazing!
Yeah they had a lot fun, medals and swimming .

That's great and outstanding photography..
Really appreciable..Keep it up..

Greetings @cynetyc, a tradition always goes through times of little affluence, and if it is strong enough, it will support it until a new boom, there will come a time where many people attend, thank you for sharing...

Thank you @cloris for your kind words!

The beach was very rocking place with cool guys and hot women.
Absolutely brilliant event I see after long period.

Yep, we had a lot of fun on a beautiful day on the beach.

Wow......such a wonderful and interesting event in the beach side.
Girls harder fights there. Photographs nice to understand event.

I find this quite interesting, especially since it is carrying a tradition forward. It seems like many traditions have started to include females over the years despite the fact that they were not part of the equation. I think that's fair and it makes for a fun demonstration, especially when everybody is included. Thank you for sharing this with us and I hope to check back here and see what you have going on next!


Yes that is true , in my country sport was and is a way to be free, since the communism times women Like Nadia Comăneci, dominated in gymnastics, today we can see women that bring medals in our country even from judo.
I am very happy to see this because I learned from the education that I received from my family that we are all the same, what sets us apart is our will to fight, to be more, to struggle and to push forward against all odds.

Absolutely! You had amazing parents for them living within the grip of communism. I bow down to them for raising you well.

Rumania nice,beach fantastic. Big strong ehh. Venezuela presente 🇻🇪

Very nice contest there @cynetyc!

Girls too, very nice and outside, that is very healthy, exercise and having fun.

Oh, yeah they had a lot of fun on the beach, swimming, playing football.

This looks quite fun. Are you aware that this game looks like a Indian game 'kusti'. It is fun. There is also a film name "Dangal" representing this game.

Hm interesting I did not know that @sirapa.

You can watch it out. It is a real story of the girl name Gita who won the gold medal in Olympics representing India.

Hello @cynetyc, it must be great to live in a place like this, watching the contest is enjoyed, imagine how the wrestlers have fun, excellent post thanks for sharing this tradition...

thank you for sharing those beautiful places @cynetyc

Cool man, I see there some strong fighters and the girls also, they are very good fighters.

Yep there were some strong fighter out there in the junior league.

That was a very nice contest @cynetyc and I like the view and I must say there were quite a few people for a small village like 2 Mai.

Yes I was surprised too, but I like it the more people the better, it is a tradition as well this type of fighting.

interesting. thank you.

nu stiam de aceasta traditie....👍

La noi în Dobrogea au ținut acest concurs de foarte mult timp și sunt foarte fericit că încă mai vin copii și adoleșcenți să concureze.

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Hello @cynetyc I invite you to stop by my last post...


Hello @cynetyc thank you for sharing these experiences so nice, happy afternoon...

Wow gorgeous photography collection. Fabulous event I see after sometime.
Also you're really handsome there.