Hike in Machitasgon gorge, Uzbekistan

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Hello, I flew almost unnoticed for almost a month since my last publication. For almost two and a half months, we have quarantine in Uzbekistan and I stay at home without a break but I hunt for freedom! Since the movement of cars and industrial enterprises is very limited, the air cleared and the mountains located a hundred kilometers from the city became visible at a glance. And they really beckon uncontrollably.

Strict measures have yielded results - in some areas of the country, all patients with COVID-19 have been cured and no new infections have been reported. In other regions, the situation was brought under control and to my great joy the government began to soften the quarantine regime. And then came the moment when I can again go to the long-awaited mountains. For tomorrow I have planned a trekking trip to the mountain called Syurenata. I already visited there in winter and made a tiring winter ascent. Sitting on the top and admiring the winter landscapes, I decided that I would definitely return here in the summer and I hope that everything will turn out very successfully.

However, this trip has not yet taken place and I have to tear up my old photographs in order to collect material for my today’s story. Today I bring to your attention a story about my trip to the Machitasgon gorge last summer. Or as the guides also call him - Machitas.

When I saw the announcement of the trip on the site of "Mysterious Uzbekistan", I was very intrigued by the name "Machitas" - something like that in Latin-American for this word ... Of course, I signed up immediately. Frankly, I was looking for a decoding of the toponym "Machitasgon" for a long time, but did not find it. Apparently, it is somehow connected with the Uzbek pronunciation of the word “machit”, which means “mosque”. But I'm not so sure.

So, we started early in the morning and the group gathered, surprisingly, quite large. There were probably twenty of us. We quickly got to the starting point of our trip.

Thanks to that the sun was constantly covered by clouds, the weather was great. It’s not hot, a cool breeze was blowing - the very good conditions for hiking in the mountains.

We walked along a well-trodden path and it was very simple - smooth climb and reset. From time to time we made small halts.

On the way we were joined by a local inhabitant who accompanied us throughout the campaign. Probably in every mountain village there is a dog in which the blood of a nomad flows and which does not sit in his yard. Most of the dogs in the mountain villages in the summer wallow in the shade, dumping their tongues and idly bawing at strangers. But very often there is such a dog, which attracts the road of adventure :).

The dog that went with us the whole route is a local celebrity - it always accompanies tourists. Moreover, it makes quite complicated and lengthy transitions with them. Funny, no one knows her nickname, but almost anyone who walked these paths saw the dog itself.

Very often such shaggy companions can be useful - I already talked about how dogs protected us in Aeolian city. This dog turned out to be quite sensible and showed us the way when we climbed up the gorge of Machitasgon.

For almost four hours we smoothly climbed up. When we reached the entrance to the gorge, we settled down for rest, since before lifting we had to gain strength.

The group was mottled and most of the tourists were already tired and did not burn with a special desire to climb further. Then the guides were divided - one stayed at the entrance with the main group of tourists, and the other climbed with the most restless in the gorge. Of course, I was in the group of the most restless.

We started the climb. Descending avalanches caused a lot of stones and it was very difficult to climb them - it was necessary to jump from stone to stone, which was also very unstable. And so it was necessary to go upward at an angle of about 45 degrees, over the stones for an hour and a half. I even started to regret that I was so restless.

But it was worth it. If at the bottom the summer had fully taken over, then there was still spring in the gorge - greens, snowdrops, snow-capped peaks of the mountain, a glacier ...

We caught our breath, took pictures among the mountain flowers and set off back along the staggering stones. Miraculously, I did not tuck my foot there.

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As usual, I returned home tired, but full of impressions. Now I look forward to tomorrow's trip. I already told the guys from "Mysterious Uzbekistan" to sign up me on any trip - no matter where, no matter when :). The thing is that from June 1, we will be quarantined and I will be able to continue my trips around the country.

30 second exposure

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