Saskatchewan Sunset Pic

in #photography4 years ago (edited)

Here is another Fantastic Sunset, brought to you by the Land of the Living Skies!

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Thanks to @papa-pepper for creating these logos for @daveks!


Very cool reflection in the water :) Good work man :) Thank you for sharing

Thanks as always Margaret!

You are so welcome my friend ;)


Luv the sky reflections!

It was a great night for sunsets!

When I dream this is exactly where I want to be. :)

Me too!

Hello, it looks very beautiful regards

Thanks Cindy!

linda imagen, ese aterdecer

Thank you!

as always nice relaxing pics in my home feed

I'm glad you appreciate these photos!

beautiful and nice phone ! upvoted!

It's a pretty awesome phone alright!

welcome! I have a s5 active that I am still choice lol I am not complaining still takes better photos than the new iphones :)

wow amazing :)

Thanks Saqib!