Around the Canadian Rockies in B&W

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Here are a few photos from around the town of Banff, Alberta. Mount Rundle is featured. Two of the these photos were captured from a canoe, while paddling around on the Vermillion Lakes. A Sony DSC-HX7V 16MP Camera was used.



ISO 125 ~ 4.25mm ~ f/8



ISO 125 ~ 9mm ~ f/4.5



ISO 125 ~ 4.25mm ~ f/3.5



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My passion ins mountains :) very beautiful place :)

I love mountains all year round. Thanks for sharing 👍
Nice pictures.

My pleasure

"If you are a rock, stand up like a mountain."

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Beautiful !!! Hi Sir @daveks, If you have time, please check my post # bwphotocontest : animal, the photo of a very beautiful calf.... Am eager to know your comments...

beautiful natural forms and geometry and black and white tones - the best cooperation ! stunning series @daveks

Nice photos

Great! I like it!

The first image is my favorite, it feels almost like you can step right inside it!!!

It was quite a view from that canoe!
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What a wonderful place... 😍😍

wow its beautiful my friend @daveks

Wow, The view looks very beautiful. You did it perfectly. you are very great @daveks

Beautifull work and shoot and the compossion of landscape taste in black and white this so great @daveks

Love the dynamic range of the photos

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Beautiful shots! Amazing landscapes as well...

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Such a beautifull place. Thanks for making travel there with your share

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You're welcome. See you !