Sunrise on the Morning of Pusong Beach

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Hallo Steemian..

Welcome to my post, I always share my favorite photo. Therefore do not be bored to visit my blog this. On this occasion I will share the photography I shot a few days ago. If you're curious let's see together what I found that day.

IMG_20180618_065659_HDR-01.jpg Click on the Image for the Full Size Photo!!!

IMG_20180618_065343_HDR-01.jpg Click on the Image for the Full Size Photo!!!

IMG_20180618_065540-01.jpg Click on the Image for the Full Size Photo!!!

IMG_20180618_071415_HDR-01.jpg Click on the Image for the Full Size Photo!!!

IMG_20180618_065540-02.jpg Click on the Image for the Full Size Photo!!!

Thanks for visiting my photography blog, All the photos I upload are genuine. You can write your comments and criticisms in the comments field below.


CameraNIKON D5300

Regard From Me @dayatsiaulia


perfect shots.....wowww....

Waaawwww Thankyou Very much @rohits

wow, very nice pictures. Great taken !!! Good Job..

Thank you very much @verhp11 :D

Luar biasa photography yang sangat indah

Terimakasih banyak @itikna09,, saya senang anda memberikan saya komentar :)

Sama-sama kawan salam sukses luar biasa

Awesome photos shooting, I like the composition for 1st photo.

Wawwww Im Glad your commment my post,, thank you very much @vamos-amigo

Sunrise nya keren dek @dayatsiaulia

Terimakasih kakak ku,, yang foto keren juga kan.. 😊

Another beautiful sunset photo! My favourite one is your first photo. Thank you for sharing your work

Hi @supernovastaffy
Thanks for you feed back.. I like you 😍

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