The Beauty of Twilight Combined with Sunset

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Welcome to my post, I always share my favorite photo. Therefore do not be bored to visit my blog this. On this occasion I will share the photography I shot a few days ago. If you're curious let's see together what I found that day.

IMG_20180323_181943_HDR.jpg Click on the Image for the Full Size Photo!!!

This scene that I show this is an effort of a person seen in this picture. someone has pedaled a boat to fish in a reservoir in the town of lhokseumawe. Lhokseumawe reservoir is a suitable location for fishing. some of them many who become fishermen for the necessities of life.

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For fishermen fishing is not a hobby, but for fishermen / fishermen it is the duty to obtain results to meet the needs of life for the fishermen. I have the same hobby. yes .. fishing, but that's just as a hobby. for me if not getting a fish I can only smile and maybe just a failure in getting the fish. but how for the fishermen. this is a question we might be able to think.

IMG_20180323_183142_HDR.jpg Click on the Image for the Full Size Photo!!!

The picture above is a blend of leaves and sunset, which I combine. the red light reflection from the sky to the dam in the reservoir produces a beautiful view. this is my opinion :)

IMG_20180323_183054_HDR.jpg Click on the Image for the Full Size Photo!!!

Here's a picture I can show today, all the pictures I shoot that day. hope you enjoy this view.

Thanks for visiting my photography blog, All the photos I upload are genuine. You can write your comments and criticisms in the comments field below.


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Beautiful Sunset, the bright orange/red is somewhere between soothing and almost too bright. A great combination!

thank you for giving a great comment, :)

Estan super hermosas esas fotos...
Y con la narración cobran vida. Espectaculares!✴

@maikyjenn Gracias por los buenos comentarios. Me alegra que estés aquí. :)

This are really fantastic sunset photo's.

Hi @hetty-rowan
thank you for your comments, i am so glad you gave me a comment and are here,. :)

Amaziiiing shooots!!!
They call my city the "city of twillights", and yours are incredibles too!!

Its easy too see the time you spended looking for the right spot to take the shoot!

Steem ON!

Thanks my friend, Happy you give me a comment, :)

Exceptional pictures my friend and one can find rest just by looking at them! Blessings and upvoted! @dayatsiaulia

Waw ,, thanks my friend, you give me a comment, i am so glad you are in my comment