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RE: MyPictureSunday #18 - The early Bird catches the ... Fish + MyPictureDay Challenge Round #11

in #photography4 years ago

Hey Tim, your photography is at least as on point as it was back in the starting days! It's great to see that you kept active here on Steemit until now. I had to concentrate on my studies so I had to leave Steemit for a while but I'm seeing so many familiar faces putting out such great content that I really want to start producing my own posts again. Now if you'll excuse me; I have about a year's worth of your posts to enjoy ;)


Lets upvote.... Steem for life

Same @dercoco - a few friends and I took a break from Steemit for a while, but we've been lured back by some of the great content we're seeing pop up on the platform.

Great photos @timsaid - you've inspired me to blow the dust off my old Nikon D90, which I've always had a fondness for over my Canon gear, and to go on a photo adventure.

i think i need to by a good camera to make such nice photo)

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