Blooming flower of a Strawberry fruit and later found a little critter too!steemCreated with Sketch.

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Have you ever got a chance to meet a blooming Strawberry flower which turns to be a Delicious fruit?!!!

Here you go! I am pleased to introduce our home blooming Strawberry flower in .gif format!

Strawberry flower gif.gif

How beautiful you are!!!!

1 (2).JPG

2 (2).JPG

3 (2).JPG

4 (2).JPG

5 (2).JPG

6 (2).jpg

Found a semi-transparent and light green little critter named Alphid having a walk on the blooming flower!

6 (2) - Copy_LI.jpg

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very beautiful :) I guess this will be a really tasty strawberry one day :)

Beautiful series.

@team101 Thankyou

Well, no. Not since I haven't planted any... but I'm sure the question in the beginning was rhethorical, no?
Great "photoshoot" with the plants nonetheless xD

Yep! Thankyou!

thats a really beautiful flower as i one thing notice is its material is really different and look like white paper but its looking awesome.


very beautiful...nice shot @digitaldollar


Yup they are beautiful , and the fruit they bear are soon tasty !!😋😋😋

Yes it will be more tasty and delicious!

oh for sure !! 🍓🍓🍓


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