Columns of light in the night sky. Cool natural phenomenon.

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I read about the columns of light many times. I've never seen this natural phenomenon. Today I first saw these columns of light in the night sky. This is a grandiose phenomenon!!! It looks like the Northern lights. In the scientific literature, this phenomenon is explained by the rapid change in air temperature. Unfortunately I do not have a tripod and I have to hold the camera in my hands. I tried to keep the camera straight, but it's hard and the photos turned out with poor sharpness. But even bad sharpness does not prevent to see the grandeur of the natural phenomenon. I love it!!!:)







all photo by @dmiton


Nice capture dmiton. Night sky's are so beautiful. I just took this one a few days ago. I hope you like it.

That's awesome!!! Where is it?

Hi dmiton, it is in Evias Greece. Have you been?

No, I wasn't in Greece, but I really want to.:)

It's only plane ride away for you. The people of Greece are very helpful and friendly. You will have a great time here. But don't forget about the island of Evias.

Eretria3 final.jpg

Owh plies brother

Maybe you can capture us a flying saucer. It's sad not many look at the sky anymore...the beauty up there is breathtaking and I wish more people took their time and photograph the night sky.

Oh, I spent a year looking for a flying saucer. Unfortunately not found. But without flying saucers in our World a lot of interesting things. :))

читал об этом, круто выглядит .. повезло увидеть, в комментах к новостям люди сокрушались еще что там живут, и в окно не выглядывали :)

Нет, Воронежская область. В том и прикол, что не Спб:)

youre very lucky to have seen this vision , and you can take a picture.

The photographs are very beautiful.

Thanks a lot for upvoting my post sir!! it means you like it... i appreciated your support.. keep up your good work and keep helping the steemit community to grow. Thanks again!!! @dmiton

You are welcome @mbj!:)

@dmiton this is amazing. I studied about the Column of light phenomenon in high school physics but it was all theory and I never got to see it. Thanks for sharing this. I can now vividly appreciate everything my Physics teacher was trying to explain.

Son fotos realmente bonitas.

Recibe un saludo cordial desde España 🇪🇸

Si es verdad incrible

Gracias @olimiesma! Un cálido saludo desde Rusia!:)

sometimes photography can make your mind fresh... i also love photography...whenever i clicked photos of nature i feel really fresh inside...☺

Yes, it's great!

Oh wow!!!!! That is beautiful, thankyou for sharing these moments

You are welcome!:)

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Its looks so cool :)



What a beautiful phenomenon !!

I wouldn’t fret too much about the “blurriness” – it lends an abstract feeling to the shots. That you were able to get them at all is very cool!

What a natural view awesome


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Wooww it would be really beautiful to see ✨

Very satisfying results friend


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This is an amazing natural phenomenon that you captured..well done @dmiton

Oh yeah! Thank you @dianadee!:)

These are stunning. I'd love to get some footage of something like this one day!

thank you for share

What a spectacular sky! I've never seen anything like that is that just a northern phenomena? It just out of curiosity, where did you take these photos? Very interesting and I hope to see more 🔔💡☀️📸

Where is this @dmiton? It's beautiful. I can't imagine how it would look in real life, must give you goose bumps. I would love to see these columns of light or the northern lights. Maybe it's time to get that tripod after all ;). I really don't mind the blurriness but you could do some really cool timelapses.

Nice pictures

It's too beauty. I've never know about this. Good photos. Thanks for sharing.

That looks amazing!

Hi thanx for vote me steem frnd
Nice posting i m going to follow u Nd stay blessed Frnd

very lucky. i'm jealous. great photos

I wish i can see that 😭

I see your post every day
Your writing is very close to me
The choice is like.
Sometimes I find something to be the educator
Thanks for the trouble posting.

Nice - that must have been exciting to see it. What part of the world are you in? I stopped by to thank you for upvoting my latest post. Much appreciated. Momz

se parece a la aurora boreal que belleza, exquisito apreciar eso y poder capturar la imagen.

Dear @dmiton, those are nice photos. I have not heard anything about this natural phenomenon until now. thank you

Wow boss really great pictures and post I wish I could have seen that with my own eyes!! Btw thanks for the upvote... will be following u ...!!,

I noticed that you upvoted some of my past posts. I thank you. I didn’t notice because I didn’t know I could see who upvotes me. Thank you again.

I never heard about it. Impresive natural spectacle. Does it occur only in higher latitudes like northern lights , or in colder climate...or is possible also more south, in mediterranean erea of europe ?

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